Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Logos and Models NEEDED!

Lovely Little Ladies Boutique needs a new logo!

Lovely Little Ladies is having a logo contest. Winner will recieve a free hairbow and a suprise gift! The logo you enter MUST have "Lovely Little Ladies" somewhere. You can include "Lovely Little Ladies Boutique" but its not necessary. To enter all you have to do is submit a picture of a logo that YOU made. Either by sending it to my email... LLL_Boutique@yahoo.com or leaving the pic on my facebook wall (www.facebook.com/Lovely.Little.Ladies ) You may enter the contest until November 29th at midnight then voting will go on until December 13th! Each "like" your logo has will count as a vote. See the "notes" section on my facebook.


Are you interested in getting FREE hair bows and other boutique items? If you have a daughter ages 0 - 6 you may enter our model contest. There will be three winners. All you will have to do is simply take photos of your daughter wearing the products sent to you so they can be posted on our site. To enter all you need to do is fill out this form and email it to LLL_Boutique@yahoo.com

Entry Form:


Your Name:

Child's Name :

Child's Age:

Also send a picture of your child. (this will be the one submited for voting)

You can also use the "contact us" tab found on our Facebook page!

For more information feel free to contact me by email @ LLL_Boutique@yahoo.com or on my Facebook page!


  1. Thankis for linking up with us at MFM. I'm returning your follow from the Thrifty Things.

  2. I am a new follower of yours from today's blog hop.

    Please stop by and follow back when you get a chance. :-)

    Have a great night.


  3. Thank you following my blog!! I look forward to yours and looking at all the products for my little princess!! Not to mention will be entering for sure this model contest how fun!!


  4. I am your newest follower!! I love your blog...CHRISTMAS!!! I LOVE Christmas...and your Blog made me get excited for it!!LOL!!

    I do hope you can swing by and follow me back!



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